Handmade Electronic Music Night

Saturday 28th February 2015, 8pm - late

Suitability: 18 YRS +



A night of handmade music from the island’s leading DIY audio pioneers. What happens when the musician is also an engineer? The creative use of technology has been a driving force for innovation in art and music since the dawn of the 20th century. From the Theremin to the modern digital synthesiser, the application of technology has created sounds that have become embedded in our cultural landscape.

By manipulating the physical materials and electronics involved in music production, the artist has unprecedented control over their instruments’ timbre and the music they produce.

Performances from:

Anthony Kelly & David Stalling - Sound Art/Improvisation

Anthony Kelly and David Stalling have been collaborating on a series of sound and visual works since 2003. Together they make sound and video installations. Their work encompasses a shared practice of recycling 'objets trouveés' of sound, visual and text material in their ongoing collaborative sessions. The juxtaposition of contrasting material results in a series of audio/ visual 'musique concrète' pieces. Kelly and Stalling also perform live improvisations, as a duo as well as with others, such as The Quiet Club, Barbara Lüneburg, Robert Curgenven, Kevin Tuohy and Jennifer Walshe. Some of their recent performances include Music Nova, Dundalk Institute of Technology, 2014; Strange Attractor, Faculty Of Fine Arts, IADT, Dublin & O'Brien Centre for Science, University College Dublin, 2014; The Guesthouse, Cork, 2013; Just Listening, LSAD Limerick, 2011; the i-and-e festival 2011, Dublin; Sonic Vigil, Cork 2011; Hilltown New Music Festival, 2011, Visual in Carlow, 2009; Soundwave 2, Cobh, 2009, and Kaleidoscope at The Odessa Club, 2009. They have run the sound art label Farpoint Recordings since 2005, publishing projects by artists such as Karen Power, Fergus Kelly, Strange Attractor, Stephen Vitiello, Danny McCarthy, The Quiet Club and Linda O'Keeffe amongst others alongside their own work.



Adnan Marquez-Borbon - Beats/Jazz/Improv

Saxophonist, improviser, researcher, computer musician, composer, and sound artist. He received his PhD from the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen’s University Belfast. His research mainly focuses on the development of skill with digital musical interactions and how this process informs the design of new musical devices. His music involves improvisation and electronic manipulation of sounds in real-time. Influenced by jazz, free improvisation, western European concert music, electronic and ethnic musics, his improvisations and compositions attempt to synthesize these diverse elements into a very personal style. His first recording, “The Paradox of Continuity”, was released in 2007 under the Californian label, Circumvention Music. As a producer under the alias duplex helix, he released the “Bonds EP” in 2011. He has participated in numerous projects with musicians from California, Mexico and Northern Ireland. He is a co-founder of the Mexican improvisation collective Generacion Espontanea and the multimedia collective N0R73 (now OpenL4B.Norte_Hackerspace). Currently, he is a postdoctoral research fellow working in the interdisciplinary AHRC funded project: Into the Key of Law: Transposing Musical Improvisation. The Case of Child Protection in Northern Ireland.


Infotoxin - Chiptune/Dubstep

Infotoxin is a chip-tune artist, synthesist, circuit antagonist & occasional thorubomancer from Belfast who uses hacked games consoles to produce their sound. Expect to hear nostalgic thumps, smacks, beeps and squeels from your gaming past, twisted, distorted and combined with deep sub bass and dubstep rhythms, to produce a sound that firmly puts the Techno in technology.

Circuitbent & Glitch visuals provided by Barry Cullen (AKA Dodgy Stereo)

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The Black Box
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