The Golden Record & Beyond w/ Bass Clef

Saturday 21st February 2015, 8pm - late

Suitability: 18 YRS +


The man-made objects furthest away from Earth are the two Voyager probes, launched in 1977. Improbably bolted to the sides of both spacecraft are 12” vinyl records containing sounds, music and images, intended to represent the entirety of the human race to any aliens who happen to encounter the probes.
'Play the Golden Record' is a new project based around these sounds and images, manipulated by Bass Clef. Part DJ set, part live performance, and part analysis of both one of humanity's most striking scientific achievements and the joyously naïve and strange optimism of 1977. 
Ken & Ryu will be on hand to provide the cosmic funk vibes with a DJ set that might well suit George Clinton’s vision of the alignments in time and space. Kab Driver (Reset Industries) will invert the approach and throw down some sounds inspired by inner space and micro sounds.

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The Black Box
Hill Street


Rudimentary Records