The Art and Science of Sound

Saturday 21st February 2015
Workshops from 11am - 2pm
Free drop in from 3pm - 5pm

Suitability: All ages

Free Admission

The Sonic Arts Research Centre at Queens University Belfast is an outstanding research facility dedicated to all things sonic. It will open its doors on 21st February from 11am - 5pm for a unique sound and science showcase.

Between 11am - 2pm, the team at SARC will run a series of dedicated listening, recording, and other hands-on sound workshops using new music technologies and lots more. Places for workshops can be booked below.

The whole building will then open for free drop in session from 3-5pm and feature a whole host of demos including:

Oculus Rift - Haptics in Virtual Reality - Ever wanted to be inside a video game? Well now you can! Come and experience virtual reality first hand with the Oculus Rift head mounted display and Leap Motion hand tracking.

Two Weeks - Lose track of real-time as you delve into the sounds of 'Two Weeks' – a sound installation compressing a whole week in one hour which will run on a loop for the duration of the open session.

Shaping sounds with gestures  - Try out (or watch) two digital gestural interfaces developed to manipulate different types of audio synthesis, pre-recorded video files and live video feeds.

Robots in Education - This display shows how humanoid robots are used in Electrical Engineering to interactively teach students how to program. 

The DIY sound-artist –  Learn how to turn your Rock Band 3 controller into a polyphonic synthesiser, your Wii mote into an audio scrubber and your Xbox Kinect into a granular engine.



Sonic Arts Research Centre
Queen's University Belfast
Cloreen Park
Belfast BT9 5HN


Queen's University Belfast