Turing Lecture

Thursday 26 February, 5.30pm - 8.30pm

The all-pervasive nature of the general-purpose computer has made the most profound mark on almost every aspect of our lives. The central seminal figure in this computer revolution was Alan Turing, whose outstanding originality and vision was what made it possible, in work originating in the mid 1930s.

In honour and recognition of Turing’s contribution in the field of computing, the IET and the BCS established the world leading Turing Lecture, an annual event presenting a topic from current research in computer science and given by an acknowledged expert in the field.

Dr Robert M Pepper, Vice President of Global Technology at Cisco, will be delivering the Turing Lecture Series 2015 on the "The Internet Paradox: How bottom-up beat(s) command and control"

Join Dr. Robert Pepper in a lively discussion on how the dynamics of technology policy and largely obscure decisions, significantly shaped the Internet as the bottom-up driver of innovation we know today. Dr. Pepper will cover the next market transition to the 'Internet of Everything' and the interplay between policy and technology and highlighting early indicators of what the future may hold for the Internet.
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Belfast City Hall


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